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Title Feb 4, 2019 Latest news from JPIAMR Members
Writer IAMRT Date 2019-03-05 Hit 2837

Latest AMR activities from our members; Denmark, Romania and UK




The Government of Denmark is establishing an International Centre for Interdisciplinary Solutions on Antimicrobial Resistance (ICARS). Currently in definition phases it might seem to cover several AMR areas but looks like the major focus is on the animal side, implementation research and low- and middle-income countries. Its ambitions are in line with the SRIA and the JPIAMR  Steering Committee is looking into how to engage them as part of our efforts in the Virtual Research Institute.

The World Bank is hosting a meeting to discuss this initiative further the 26-27 February 2019 in Washington DC. Antoine Andremont (SC –France) will represent JPIAMR in this event.

Danish representatives have been invited to present in our next MB meeting.

See document enclosed.




The Romanian EU Presidency is organising a Health Ministers conference in the area of AMR: “Next steps towards making the EU a best practice region in combating AMR”, 1 March 2019, Bucharest




The UK just launched a 5-year AMR action plan and 20-year vision. It is an One Health approach plan, that also includes incentives activities and notes its support to JPIAMR.


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