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Title Feb 18, 2019: JPIAMR launches AMR Research Funding Dashboard
Writer IAMRT Date 2019-03-05 Hit 2886

AMR research public investments mapping report as well as the public interactive AMR Research Funding Dashboard are released.


The data shown in the dashboard is from the JPIAMR mapping exercise conducted in 2018. The data on AMR research projects and public funding refers to investments until the year 2017, by 22 JPIAMR member countries, the European Commission and the Wellcome Trust.


The mapping recorded a total investment of 1794 M€ in AMR research from a total of 1939 projects. Of the 1939 projects reported, 76.2% of the total investment was recorded for research projects in antibiotic resistance followed by 20.6% in anti-parasitic and 3.2% in anti-fungal resistance research. Analyses on total investments in JPIAMR priority areas indicated that majority of the grants (57.6%) were dedicated to the priority area therapeutics, followed by diagnostics (13.1%), interventions (11.3%), transmission (7.5%), surveillance (6.7%) and environment (3.8%).


You can read the report here.


You can have access to the dashboard here.

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